Desaster at ChittagongHeavy rainfall caused a landslide at the commercial city Chittagong in Bangladesh killing 86 people yesterday. 100 other people injured and thousends are still surrended in water.

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10 People of old age from a remote village. Every Tuesday they get in the train named “11 Sindhu’s Morning” and arrive at Dhaka Railway Station. Where these passengers go from there? Nowhere! They live at the platform no 8 of the largest railway station of the city. Usually after a week they return to their home. Continue Reading »

“I am poor, helpless. Rising on two sticks I am entertaining you. Please do me financial help.” – These are written on a board made of tin, which is hung on his chest. There also hung a whistle which he was ringing now and then to attach people on him and pointing on the board.

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Kobiraj Noor Mohammad“One day a police constable came to me and told – ‘please help me. I am not sextually active. I can’t satisfy my wife.’ I demanded 500 tk to make medicine for him. He gave me the money and I prepared the medicine with some trees and some other plants and gave him next day. Seven days haven’t passed and he came to me again and told – ‘My wife is very happy now. So am I with your medicine. Please make some more for me. I am getting transferred soon. So I need a stock.” Continue Reading »

The breaking worldBeside the Buriganga river in Dhaka-Narayanganj highway, you will find hundreds of people breaking bricks and stones in different sites. Bricks and stones come by river transports to these spots, and these labours breaks them in pieces.

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-What is your name?

-Where are you from?
-Mizala village of Potuakhali district. 

-How long are you selling cakes?
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Moinul - The looser of everything-What happened ?
-I was going along the rail line. It was very dark in the area for the load shading. Two young man came to me. They hit me in the face and body, and took all my money.

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