Children on the fieldOn a summer evening, I was on a playground. This was a land near the Dhaka-Sylhet highway where developing is expected shortly. There were full of children on the field. They are from 3 to 12 years old.


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The lost Gafur-Where are you of to?

-Mohakhali? It not the way to go to Mohakhali…You have to go by bus!
-I’ll go there along the way with the rail line on foot.

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Rahaman-What are you doing?
-Just sitting. I am sick.

-What happened?
-I’ve got fever, and pain in stomach. 

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Everyday around 8.00 AM, 1.00 PM, and 08.00 PM, if you come to these bridges with a wish to cross them in the opposite direction, you are out of luck! You will discover a flood of human trying to cross the bridges hurriedly on the same destination. They bring more than 70% revenue of Bangladesh. They are the garments workers. Continue Reading »

The unnamed beggerEveryday from 7 AM he is seen to be siting beside the street at BSCIC Industrial Area, Narayanganj, where thousands of garments workers starts to flood on the way of their factory from 7.30 AM. He sit quietly beside the street till 10 AM usually. And people often give him 1 or 2 taka in his widen hand. If anyone ever give him 5 or 10 tk he will ask Continue Reading »